Deep Freeze Standard License Key 7 for Windows 10 Download

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Deep Freeze Standard License Key 7 for Windows 10 Download

Deep Freeze Standard License Key 7 for Windows 10 Download

Empower End Users

 With the simplified and effective Reboot-to-Restore concept of Deep Freeze. each user becomes self-reliant in fixing their computer. Without having to raise IT support tickets. the user can simply restart the computer. when any unexpected changes have occurred and Deep Freeze will wipe out. all the changes and put the computer back into its original state. as it was configured.

Prevent Configuration Drift

By restoring computers to their initial desired state with a single reboot. Faronics Deep Freeze prevents computers from straying from their baseline configurations. However, users can carry on working as usual and still save their documents, media and data.

Increase Productivity

 Computer downtime means reduced productivity and increased help desk calls. Deep Freeze guarantees that expensive computer assets are kept running. at 100% ensuring up-time and productivity while drastically reducing support costs. At the same time, user data can be stored safely. on a network drive or in a Thaw Space to be retained across reboots.

Extend the Life of Your Computers

 By restoring computers to a pristine desired configuration upon reboot. Deep Freeze eliminates degradation issues which lead to computers slowing down over time. This means a longer life for your computers. and a reduction in costs associated with upgrading them.

Have you ever used a public computer. Those found in hotels or libraries will probably use some sort of system restoring software. This is because these systems are set up to run in a very specific way. Users may accidentally download malware. attempt to install a program or alter the visual style of the computer. to keep tabs on this across all systems and then fix any changes is far too time consuming. Not only does it come in handy for businesses. but deep freezing a system can be beneficial to you as an individual, too. Have you ever set up a computer for a friend or relative only to return at a later date. to find it riddled with junk. Or perhaps they’ve changed a setting somewhere and they don’t know how to get it back to normal.?

Save yourself the hassle of fulfilling the tech support role. and instead let their computer dismiss any changes. when they reboot. Additionally, be sure to read our guide. on how to make their computer harder to break.